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Every Tuesday night you're learning from one of the finest dance instructors on the West Coast. Rico Bravo is a true Renaissance man and brilliant strategist. He is currently an active professional member of the Seattle Salsa Congress. Rico is the true pioneer of the Seattle salsa scene. He has trained many championship dancers, and his dance choreography has won many awards and championships, and has put the Northwest on the salsa map. He received a Master degree. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA in 1992 and works as an aerospace design engineer. He has received recognition for his contributions to the NASA space shuttle and the international space station. And he is currently working on the new 787 Boeing airplane. But his true passion is salsa. Rico is an accomplished instructor and choreographer who has lived and loved salsa for most of his life. He has appeared in Local and National TV. Rico is now the co-producer of one of the greatest event soon to come to the west coast. Stay tinned!This picture was taken in 2009 by the greatest, the one and only Mr. Jim Hadley.

My Song

This song parallels the events in my life at the moment. And I would like to share it with you. It is a gem seldom played. Please enjoy